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  • Nicole Curotto

Unicorn Grocery- All New Fresh Display Cabinets

Updated: Mar 30

Keeping locally sourced produce Fresh and Cool!

Twice named the nation’s ‘Best Food Retailer’ at the BBC Food & Farming Awards, Unicorn of Chorlton, offers Manchester's customer-base an unbeatable range of affordable, fresh and wholesome food with an emphasis on organic, fair-trade and local produce. With such a great ethos on sustainability it is always a pleasure to be of service to such an innovative co-operative here at Unicorn.

With the core ethos of sustainability Unicorn approached us to deliver refrigeration which would align with their principles. We previously supplied some VEISSMMANN Deli grab and go units all customised to their preference in their chosen RAL colour. The cabinets we quoted for are stunning, sleek and best of all energy efficient.

During their complete renovation of the shop we were approached to quote for a larger display cabinet which would house more fresh produce due to the amount of popularity and increase in demand the store needed a solution.

In order to keep a sleek look we advised another VEISSMANN cabinet which would enable the staff to quickly replenish stock efficiently.

The old set up

Removing the smaller display meant a larger cabinet could be installed.

We had a tight schedule to work on as the shop needed to be back open on the date proposed, our first obstacle was getting the order placed before the factory's were due to shut, the second being the delivery date. Last but not least due to the size of this cabinet the logistics were not going to be forgiving either.


The team had an early rainy start, the unit needed to be offloaded and the old cabinet disconnected and off site.

The team only had 1 day to finish the install with all internal refrigeration connected along with the condensing unit on the roof fully commissioned and unit left on test.

The stunning range from VIESMMANN fits seamlessly with the other cabinets, as was customised by Unicorn in their chosen RAL colour. The benefits of this range is that it is energy efficient, has superb air flow and also has an easy shelving system which allows for speedy rotation of stock.

High quality product ensures reliability

Key benefits

  • High energy efficiency because of state-of-the-art technology

  • Reliable temperature stability for safe storage of goods

  • Low life cycle costs due to innovative air curtain technology

  • Ideal product presentation thanks to customizable displays

  • High hygiene standards thanks to the antimicrobial powder coating SmartProtec®

  • Quick and easy to clean

  • Particularly service and maintenance-friendly

Excellent temperature stability, high energy efficiency and outstanding hygienic properties make up this multideck. As an open refrigerated cabinet or with double-insulated glass doors, with its modern design this range is a real eye-catcher in every store format.

Come and take a look at the install below.

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