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Mobberley Brewhouse - Brand New Beer Store

Updated: May 6

We were approached by the team at Mobberley Brewhouse to price for a new beer store in their fully insulated room with products entering at 5 degrees.

They have a custom built 20BBl brew kit.Installed in 2017, this new equipment was a game changer, aiding the growth in diversity, quality & consistency of their beer . So installing a new beer store which would not compromise their product was extremely important!

If beer is not stored at the correct temperature then many issues can occur which can affect the quality and will result in a poor standard beverage to a customer or increase the wastage, both of these which can be costly!


All packed up and off to its new home!

Starting from the Foundations up!

We started by laying the concrete foundation for the units to be mounted onto, a flat solid base ensures stability. As the machine runs it will create vibrations which if not on a solid base can cause issues with parts becoming loose.


The team began installing the indoor unit and created the pipe run that would be exiting outside.

The scaffold was built and the evaporator was lifted to the desired height.

Staying Cool

As the Beer store was already insulated the type of unit was selected with this in mind.

To guarantee reliability and a consistent temperature for their product they decided to go for an all new beer store.

We installed X 2 KD systems for optimum pull down, this ensures the equipment is not being worked at its limit 100% of the time which is not great for the system long term.

The pipe run and and control panel were neatly installed.

The connection to the outdoor unit was made once the concrete base was fully set. The unit was then fully commissioned and was monitored to ensure everything was working as it should to ensure correct product temperature.

We hope the team over at #themobberlybrewhouse love their new Beer store!

Are you interested in #specialist #cellar #cooling? get in touch today and speak to a member of our team.

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