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  • Nicole Curotto

Domestic -Ducted Air conditioning

We were approached by the client to install Air conditioning into their bedroom.

The customer was presented with different solutions to provide cooling into their home, they opted for more of a discrete solution via a ducted unit. As they had a loft with space we were able to house the ducted system up in the loft so that only grills were visible in the desired rooms to be cooled.

A ducted system provides a low visual impact compared to the conventional wall type air conditioning units

The ducted system will have a heat exchange unit located in the loft which will deliver a draft free, silent alternative, whilst providing cool air temperatures required during humid summer months.


We propose to locate the indoor unit above the bedrooms as far from the main storage in the loft as possible.

A ducted unit will be suspended and the input and return ducts ran into the bedrooms via 2 x input and 2 x return to the main unit.


The grilles will be cut into the ceiling and we will cut out if we find the ceiling has plaster and late construction, this will terminate at each grille.

Pipe Work

The pipework will exit from the loft through the soffit, however we will need to have a better look at this. The pipework will be routed down to the ground floor and down by the soil pipe.

The flags in the garden had to be uplifted in order to hide the serves as best as we could.

The customer was extremely complimentary on the professionalism and the standard work carried out by our team which is always wonderful to hear.
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