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  • Nicole Curotto

Brook House Farm Shop - Refrigeration Installation

Updated: Apr 20

We were approached by the lovely Jack and Ella at @brookhousefarmshop in #mottramstandrew as they were looking for a display cabinet to showcase their wonderful locally produces produce.

"We believe in top quality welfare for all our animals at Brook House Farm that gives a superior taste to our meat"

the installation of a much larger fresh produce cabinet.

As the unit was too large for the traditional sized door we had to install via the shop window, Getting equipment in tight spaces or through windows is something we can accommodate.

Early start to get the window out.

The original glass door fridges that were poorly illuminated and did not display the quality meat products to their full potential. We recommended a high specification high volume open display, and with the assistance of Jacks family connections we were able to remove the window to enable installation

Jack has since told us how this has already improved sales of his local butchery produce! Which is always fantastic to hear.

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