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  • Nicole Curotto

Unicorn Grocery - Refrigeration Installation

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Our clients at Unicorn Grocery in Chorlton wanted to expand there refrigerated product section, after visiting and admiring the refrigerated section at one of our customers over at Cheshire Smoke House, they were interested in installing something similar.

Before the shop floor consisted of the two open display cabinets from VEISSMANN. The cabinets were chosen in the customers custom RAL number.

They wanted to include more refrigerated products on the shop floor due to increase in demand and in anticipation of their new refurbishment to expand the shop floor.

The Shop Floor


We decided on moving the original cabinets along as they would now fit in the extended space to have 1 continuous row of refrigeration, this allowed space to install an all new frozen 3 door cabinet which can be seen below, to keep up with their frozen produce demand.

This was also selected in the custom RAL colour to match the existing cabinets.

The Deli Section

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