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  • Nicole Curotto

Great North Pie Company

Due to its ever growing popularity and continuous success, it is no surprise Neil and the team are expanding there refrigeration due to the increase demand for their amazing artisan pies!

The issue...

The client needed a solution to their ever growing production demands. The original cold-room installed was not going to keep up with these demands.

Room Size...

The room size was critical. It had to be able to fit trolleys which would contain the finished product and more in the near future, as the frozen pie sales increase a freezer also needs to be accommodated in a shrinking area.

For us to correctly supply Neil with equipment which could keep up and house the product demand but also ensure reliability we always advise a site survey.


After our visit to site we advised installing a new Order / Dispatch chill room, this would help the distribution flow and also speed up the packing and assembly line for dispatch.


The room is a 3.4m x 2.5m x 2.6 m H ISD room with KD scroll equipment operating at 3 degrees.

A Happy Customer And Even More Delicious Pies!

For Cold Room enquiry's please get in touch today

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