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  • Nicole Curotto

Cheshire Constabulary - Forensic Cold Room

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

We were approached by #cheshireconstabulary to install a large -21oc #freezercoldroom to hold #forensic evidence for all #cheshirepolice.

A room was sized and installed on site by our supplier at #ISD, all working to a very tight deadline once built. We began by building the base for the condensers to begin the installation.

The room has 100% refrigeration back up

The room has 100% refrigeration back up with full temperature monitoring 24/7 with cloud data base storage and connect-ability remotely, as well as alarm activation via sms , email and audible alarm.

Once the foundation of the concrete base had been poured we needed to wait for this to cure before we could install the outdoor condensers.

Nice and sturdy

Heavy lifter required

Transporting and placement of the condensers required the help of some heavy machinery. The location had been marked and the installation was now in full swing.

Once the external condensers were in location the team could begin assembling the room itself.

Building the Room

Building from the ground up

All refrigeration pipework was routed above the ceiling to the end of the room and fixed to the internal wall where they exited at low level, through the cladding. The void around the pipes was filled with fire foam and covered with a tin cover plate to prevent vermin entering.

The pipe run involved in this installation was large, but we always make sure everything is neat and tidy and accessible in case repairs are required.

The Equipment

We opted for

x2 SEARLE KME 115-6L Evaporators

x2 KD PA125SMG3 Condensers

We also installed all shelving to maximise the storage capacity.

The system has a 2 year warranty with 4hour response by our service team 24/7.
"I would like to say thank you to yourself, Paul and all your team for providing a truly outstanding service"
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