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  • Nicole Curotto

Cheshire Smoke House Installation

Refrigeration Installation

We're back at The Cheshire Smoke House in Wilmslow. installing more refrigeration to the collection.

Luck is great, but most of life is hard work and measuring more than once

However the beautifully newly installed solid oak cover posed a tricky challenge for the team to get the cabinets through compared to the old cover.

Darren wanted to install more VIESSMANN products into his shop floor as they provide the display capacity and functional custom aesthetic he desired.

We had to remove the door frame to allow us the enough room to squeeze the cabinet through, the team is familiar with this site so know exactly how best to manoeuvre the cabinets correctly which you can see in our previous install video

Let the Install begin!

As you can see the over head clearance was very very tight!

With lots of adjusting and manoeuvring the cabinets were successfully cleared through the door.

Installed and working perfectly! And another happy customer :)

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