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  • Nicole Curotto

Cheshire Smoke House Installation

We have been working with Darren and the Ward family at the Cheshire Smoke House in Wilmslow for over 30+ Years. Services range from equipment Sales/ Installation, Emergency Break downs to Annual Maintenance.

The Solution...

After years of steady growth, and the increased produce demands at the smoke house Darren needed a more reliable and effective way of both displaying and housing his stock.

With that in mind we suggested installing x3 Viessmann cabinets which were all bespoke to fit right in at the smoke house.

The installation was tricky however, due to the narrow door space the team made sure the measurements for this cabinet were accurate as there was no room for error. Maneuvering these heavy cabinets through a small space with shelves lined with bottles and other produce we had to work carefully and precisely.

Take a look at the process below.

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