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  • Nicole Curotto

The Rice Bowl Manchester -Restaurant Air conditioning

Air Conditioning installation into Restaurant

The Rice Bowl has been a proud client of ours for over 20 years! and the restaurant has been a major influence in Chinese cuisine within the city centre since 1960. First opened by the Wing Lau family and currently ran by Jenny since 1988, boasting the best Chinese food around. In the 1970's they added a very special addition to the restaurant for the time in the form of Air conditioning.

Mr Lau loved to be innovative and ahead of the competition, and quite literally became the coolest place in town to dine in.

So after 50 years of service we retire the Train ZR15 ducted system

*Can you spot our old sticker!!

The outdoor unit was updated 20 years ago.

We completed the re install over 4 nights working from 12pm to 7am a new 25kw Mitsubishi PEA-RP250WKA

Inverter heat pump system was selected. The duct work was altered from a vertical unit to a horizontal system. All external supplies duct were insulated, 7 new input grills were installed and the system balanced. The system now provides energy efficient heating and cooling at the touch of a button.

Ultra cooling have always looked after our restaurant and have an excellent reputation. I am very pleased with the installation and we have had no disturbance, the customers are very happy with the quiet operation and draft free dining experience

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