R22 Phase Out – The Clock’s Ticking

The Phase out of R22 (HCFCs)
Midnight 31st December 2014

When Is the deadline?
On New Years Eve 2014, it wasn’t just that year we were saying goodbye to. The entire heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning Industry said goodbye to R22 under the Montreal Protocol. Therefore as of the 1st January 2015 it will become illegal to use recycled or reclaimed R22 HCFCs to service RAC equipment.

Why Is R22 being phased out?R22
R22 refrigerant is a HCFC (Hydro-chloro-fluoro-carbon), which damages the Ozone layer if emitted. Substances that damage the Ozone layer are controlled by European and Irish Legislation. The Environmental Protection Agency is Responsible for the implementation and enforcement of this legislation and monitors compliance on an on-going basis.

Who does this effect?

This ban is a service ban only, meaning equipment containing R22 can continue to be used if the system in question is gas tight. In other words, the reclaimed R22 contained within does not have to be removed. However if this system is to leak, the refrigerant will have to be replaced with a suitable alternative.

Need More Information?

More information on the final step of HCFC phase out and the requirements for systems following the 1st January 2015 can be found at www.hcfcphaseout.com .

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