Service & Maintenance

Ultra Cooling have over 30 years experience with air conditioning units in Stockport, Greater Manchester, & the North West.


What You Need To Know

Why arrange regular services?

An air conditioning system insallation is an investment, therefore it is only right to do everything possible to minimise equipment breakdown and give yourself peace of mind.

We would recommend two service visits per year – more frequent services are appropriate for server rooms, trading floors, retail shops and restaurants.

Benefits of a service

Air Con services are also known as Planned Preventative Maintenance. Services are referred to as Planned Preventative Maintainence because they ensure any small problems with air conditioning units are dealt with before they turn into potentially very costly breakdowns.

The simple act of replacing a dirty, clogged filter with a clean one can reduce an air conditioning units energy consumption between 5% to 15%.

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  • A regularly serviced system will have a much longer lifespan than one left until a breakdown occurs.
  • A serviced system will provide a much higher performance and be much more energy efficient.
  • Clean, Green, and Legal.

How do I know my service is due?

Below are some common signs you may encounter when your system is due a service / maintenance check:

  • Poor air flow
  • Stale Odours
  • Loss of performance
  • Dirty Appearance
  • Sludge in drain line
  • Increased energy bills
  • Prone to freezing
  • Leaking water
  • High pressure & low pressure alarms