Roses are Red…because They’re Refrigerated

Refrigerated flower display

It’s that special time of year where love is in the air and people are panic buying roses left, right, & centre! Ahhh, of course I’m talking about February 14th otherwise known as Valentines Day…okay, so what does that have to do with a refrigeration company you ask?!…Well, apart from being a romantic bunch here at Ultra Cooling, refrigeration plays a vital role in keeping flowers fresh and your red roses red. We have carried out urgent  repairs to refrigerated flower display units more frequently than you would think. So how do the flowers get to the florists refrigerated display unit without wilting?


As you well know, flowers are a living thing, so as soon as they are picked or cut they need to be kept alive. This means being kept in an environment where they will remain fresh for as long as possible. Take the flower of choice on Valentines day, the Rose, roses are grown in greenhouses that are kept at temperatures of around 20°c. Rose bushes will be in bloom and can be cut every 6 or 7 weeks, after cutting they are stored in you guessed it a MASSIVE refrigerator where the temp will be kept at anywhere between 2°c -4°c.


Once the roses or flowers have been allocated into bunches, bundles, romantic sculptures…whatever the customer desires…they are put on a truck and transported to the various locations, now the transportation temperature is critical, in essence this will determine the quality of the roses, as they don’t react well to sudden changes in temperature. This is why they are almost always delivered in refrigerated trucks as this is the best way to provide a stable temperature.


Once the roses have reached their destination they will be  ready for purchase and all of the picking and transportation will have ideally taken place as little as 24 hours prior to you buying them in the shop. It’s lovely to know that we have a hand in keeping the love alive on Valentines Day!