How To Organise A Commercial Fridge

shutterstock_229477021Well organised commercial fridges are essential for successful restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes.

Organisation can improve cleanliness, create less food waste and lead to more efficient commercial fridges.

Here are our Ultra Cooling top tips on how to organise a commercial fridge:


Label your shelves

Labelling shelves ensures your food is easy to arrange when it is being loaded. Assigning shelves to different food categories is a great idea, especially in busy restaurants and pubs, and using a label acts as a visual reminder for those loading in food. This handy tip is also great for staff who can easily identify where to return removed items in busy periods.


Arrange food by ‘use by’ dates

Ensure that newer food is placed at the back of the shelves and food with an earlier expiry date is placed at the front. When new stock gets added to the fridge, bring the existing food forward and load the newer items to the back. Items that are already open should also be near the front. This technique will also cut down on food waste and reduce food bills in restaurants.


Allow air to circulate

It is essential that there is enough room between food for air to circulate. In order for items in commercial fridges to remain cool, chilled air needs space to pass through to maintain the required temperature. If cold air cannot flow around the fridge, this can result in inconsistent temperatures and warm air pockets.


Store meat on the lowest shelf

Store raw meat, poultry and fish on the lowest shelf for optimum food hygiene. This prevents any dripping when the meat thaws. Dripping from meat onto other food can be harmful and spread germs throughout the fridge.

Ultra Cooling Fridge Food standards agency

The Food Standards Agency recommends storing dairy and packaged foods near the top of the fridge, raw meat, poultry and fish on the bottom shelves and salad, fruit and vegetables in the salad drawers.

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