Is Air Conditioning Sexist?

Air Conditioning? Sexist? Although we can’t say it’s an issue in our Stockport based office, air conditioning is said to divide genders, according to The Washington Post.Air Conditioning Office Stockport

The Washington Post claim that air conditioning is configured to please men; women in offices around the world have been complaining about cool temperatures in the workplace.

Ultra Cooling, Stockport, have previously written about work place temperatures and at which temperature workers are at their most productive. According to research from Cornell University, 25 degrees is the optimum temperature for an office. At 25 degrees, humans are 98% productive but at 28 degrees (just 3 degrees more) workers are 95% productive. Interestingly, The Washington Post article claims that cold workers make more mistakes and are less productive than when they are comfortable.

The issue of temperature in the office is one that lingers no matter what the season. In warm summer months, high office temperatures heavily impact worker productivity. When temperatures are warm, 1 in 5 people struggle to get any work done whatsoever.Stockport Air Conditioning

Maintaining an office temperature that keeps workers comfortable is essential for a productive workforce. Ultra Cooling are extremely experienced at installing air conditioning in offices and workplaces across Stockport, Manchester and the North West. With a wealth of experience, Ultra Cooling are on hand to install air conditioning and find the right temperature for your office.

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