Tips For Efficient Air Conditioning

The efficiency of your air conditioning unit can influence running cost and the chance of break down. Here are Ultra Coolings tips for making sure your air conditioning is as efficient as possible.
Air con self maintenance Stockport servicing

An air conditioning system installation is an investment, therefore it is only right to do everything possible to minimise equipment breakdown and give yourself peace of mind.

How to keep your air conditioning system as efficient as possible:

  1. Keep the system clean: Clean fans, grills and the outer casing of your air conditioning unit to prevent a build up of dust and dirt. Ensure there are no blockages to the airways which could increase energy consumption and running cost.
  2. Check operating times: Set timers so that the air conditioning unit is only on when necessary. When the building or area is unoccupied, ensure the unit is not overcooling, overheating or wasting energy.
  3. Check temperature settings: Air conditioning units are designed to maintain a consistent temperature. If you are regularly changing the temperature on the system, you may be using more energy than you need to.

Please note, self maintenance is no substitute for professional maintenance, but can greatly add to the efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

We would recommend two professional service visits per year – more frequent services are appropriate for server rooms, trading floors, retail shops and restaurants.

If you experience any of the following problems, please contact Ultra Cooling for a professional air conditioning service:

  • Poor air flow
  • Loss of performance
  • Sludge in drain line
  • Prone to freezing
  • Leaking water
  • High pressure & low pressure alarms

For more information, please visit our air conditioning page or contact us to arrange a service. Ultra Cooling also provide emergency engineer call outs, 24/7, should you suffer a break down or need immediate help.