How To Maintain Your Fridge

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A fridge is a technical piece of equipment which requires upkeep and care.

Whilst Ultra Cooling are on hand to offer servicing and break down repair, we encourage our customers to look after their refrigeration units on a daily basis.

We have complied a short checklist of basic refrigeration maintenance:

Clean your fridge shelves

Using hot water can damage parts of the fridge. We recommend using a warm water detergent and soft cloths to avoid scratching interior parts. Fridge shelves can get dirty very easily, so routinely wipe them down to avoid bacteria build up.

Wipe down the door gasket

Keeping a door gasket clean can prevent expensive bills in the future. The gasket ensures the fridge is air tight by forming a secure seal. Spillages of syrup, jams or any sticky substance can dry and temporarily glue the gasket to the frame. When the door is next opened the gasket will tear and require replacement. Keep the gasket clean with a regular wipe down and clear any spillages immediately.

Clean you glass fridge door

A glass fridge door should be washed with a warm water detergent and the use of rough wipes should be avoided. Use a soft cloth and non abrasive detergent for the best results. It is advised to wipe down the door regularly to remove any water stains or spillage marks.

Ensure the drains are clear

A clear drain prevents the fridge from misting up with condensation, potential flooding and breakdown. Keep the drain clear to allow condensation to escape.

Keep vent openings clear

Air vents in fridges should be kept clear to allow circulation. Do not obstruct or block these vents. Crumbs, twist ties and small foods should be prevented from going through the vents as they may cause congestion and breakdown.

Despite regular maintenance, refrigerator break down can still occur.

Should you require an emergency call out or repair, please contact us. We provide an emergency call out service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ultra Cooling provide a range of energy efficient refigeration and cold room units. To find out more, visit our refrigeration page.

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