Case Study: Bakers News Installation

Date: 18th November 2015
Customer: Bakers News


Bakers News is a very busy shop, working as a post office, newsagents, and a convenience store. It is situated in the heart of Offerton and the foot traffic and demand on goods is very high every day.

Bakers News has expanded over the years and due to the continued success, they have invested in more individual open display fridges. These have been installed to meet the chill food sales and the increase in individual beverage sales such as beer and wine. As a consequence, the store was very disjointed with different branded refrigerants and displays around the store. Another key factor was excessive heat in the store resulting in very high energy bills.

We discussed ideas to streamline the displays and provide an ultra modern, and chilled beer and wine refrigeration unit.

As phase one in the store with two Arneg Panama displays with LED lights and night blinds. The units will operate at 8°c in winter and can be easily adjusted to 3°c for very cold beer sales in the summer. With the outdoor units on the roof, no additional heat in the store will impact confectionary and reduce the running cost of the stores air conditioning system.

Phase two will begin in January 2016 after re-flooring and store shelving have been installed a new 3750 mm Arneg unit will replace the last individual display fridges. Providing a new modern display of fresh local produce.

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