Common Air Conditioning Problems

Whether your air conditioning is not cold enough, the air flow has lowered, the running costs have gone up or if your unit is making a strange noise, Ultra Cooling are on hand to fix the problem.

We offer air conditioning services and maintenence as well as emergency call outs for urgent problems. Hazel Grove Stockport Air con repair service breakdown Manchester

With over 30 years experience as commercial and domestic air conditioning specialists, we are well practised in fixing any problems.

These common air conditioning predicaments are some of the more popular issues we come across.

We offer air conditioning maintenance and also have a 24 hour breakdown service for emergencies, should you encounter these issues.

If any of these are relevant to you, please do not try to fix the problem yourself. Ultra Cooling have specically trained engineers who offer quality servicing and peace of mind.

  • Low air flow: If the flow of air from your air conditioning has lowered, there may be a clog in your unit. There also may be a problem with the fan motor or fan blades which could prevent a decent air flow.
  • Lack of cool air: If your air conditioning is set to a low temperature but is not cold enough, your unit may be low on refrigerant and need to be recharged. This problem is easily solved with a routine procedure by our engineers who specialise in fixing such problems.
  • Strange noises: Noises that are unusual or different to normal air conditioning sounds should be considered a problem. If your unit is making a strange noise, Ultra Cooling suggest you turn the system off to prevent further damage and request a call out.
  • Increased running cost: If your air conditioning has become more expensive to run, your unit may not be as efficient as it should be. Whilst the causes for this may not require an emergency call out, this is an indicator that your system needs maintenance and we recommend a service. For more information, read about how to make sure your air conditioning is as efficient as possible.

To prevent air conditioning break down and future problems, consider our service & maintenance options. We recommend 2 services per year for domestic environments and more frequent services for commercial clients or units in larger areas.

A service involves identifying potential air conditioning problems and preventing  them from becoming break downs. If you would like to arrange a service, call out or emergency repair, please contact us.

We strongly recommend you do not attempt to fix any of these problems yourself.

Ultra Cooling are proud to offer commercial and domestic air conditioning servicing and also emergency call outs for urgent problems. Based in Hazel Grove, Stockport, we serve areas in the North West including: Manchester, Sale, Didsbury, Altrincham, Bredbury, Marple, Reddish, Prestbury, Wilmslow, Macclesfield, Alderley Edge, Knutsford & many more.