10 Tips For Air Conditioning This Summer

Are you a business owner or office manager responsible for the comfort levels of your work force?

Read on as we reveal 10 easy tips to ensure comfortable, reliable and efficient office cooling conditions. Air conditioning office hazel grove stockport manchester workThese tips can even save money on repair and reduce the cost of running a workplace air conditioning system!

1. Plan Now – Preventative maintenance throughout the year will keep workplace air conditioning running smoothly. Our engineer will clean, inspect and evaluate your systems identifying any problems early. Blocked filters and coils, build-up of dirt on fans, oil leaks and refrigerant loss are just a few common problems that can impact on system performance and require serious repair at a later date.

2. Have your cooling demands changed? – Do you have more people in your office or work area? Is there new equipment or has the space been partitioned? These will have a direct impact on the cooling ability of your system. You can discuss any changes with our engineer during a maintenance visit.

3. Cooling on Demand – Units should only be used for cooling when required. Ventilation is always an option, try opening the windows initially and only opt for air conditioning if this is not possible or effective.

4. Air Tightness – When it does become necessary to use air conditioning, make sure the area or office is as air tight as possible; close windows and doors to minimise ventilation, this way you will receive the most from your air conditioning.

5. 23°c Limit – Air conditioning units should only be necessary once this temperature is reached according to CIBSE Guide F ‘Conservation of Fuel and Power’.

6. Cooling set Point – Once turned on and in cooling mode, try setting your A/C to just 1°c below the actual office temperature as a starting point, adjusting periodically in 1°c increments until workers are comfortable. Lowering or raising the temperature excessively will not have any impact other then unnecessary energy use and expense.

7. Timer Control – Set the timer to turn the air conditioning off at the end of the work day . If you can, set it to turn off at various times throughout the day (eg 3pm, 5pm and 7pm).

8. Ventilation Strategy – If you have mechanical ventilation, make sure that the timer operation exactly matches the expected occupancy. Set ventilation to run for a few hours after midnight, this will refresh the work space with cool night air.

9. Improve Reliability – To make sure your air conditioning doesn’t let you down, make sure you look after it! This means regular planned preventative maintenance, leading to early detection and response to minor problems before they become major emergency repairs. Looking after your air conditioning can prevent serious problems and emergency call outs in the long term.

10. Avoid Excessive Energy Use – By keep your office running costs down and lowering energy consumption, a lot can happen to your system over time that will prevent them from working as they should. A unit not maintained may still reach set point, but will need to use more energy to get there and to keep the temperature. You may not be able to instantly detect a unit short of refrigerant or dirty filters, but the resulting increase in wear and tear and excessive energy use can add up to 60% of your energy bill.

For more information, please visit our air cond24houritioning page or contact us to arrange a service. Ultra Cooling also provide emergency engineer call outs, 24/7, should you suffer a break down or need immediate help.

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