5 Air Conditioning Facts

Air conditioning is becoming an integral part of many commercial and domestic properties because of the heating and cooling functions that provide year round use. Ultra Cooling are experienced in installing air conditioning throughout Stockport, Manchester and the North West fo customers that want cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter.Air Conditioning Stockport Facts Information Install Manchester

As such, Ultra Cooling have compiled a list of facts to provide more information on air conditioning:

  • Air conditioning can have both heating and cooling functions for consistent regulated ambient temperature. This makes air con a viable and reliable alternative for year round heating and is especially useful in the fluctuating British climate.
  • Our air con units feature filters to reduce bacteria, allergens and pollen to improve air quality.
  • Air conditioning can help improve productivity in a workplace. At 25 degrees, humans are approximately 98% productive, but at 28 degrees, that percentage drops to 95%. Air conditioning can regulate the workplace temperature for maximum productivity.
  • Air con helps avoid extremes of humidity and prevents the drying out of air that can damage computers and other technology. This benefit also helps to avoid that sticky, sweaty feeling in summer.
  • A maintained air conditioning system is more effective and efficient than one that is not routinely serviced. An air con system that is not maintained is more expensive to run and has a higher risk of more permanent damage.

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